Damage Type Table

This table lists damage types to be coded for a mob or weapon, the resulting in-game damage type and the message that is seen when the mob or weapon strikes a hit.
This table is organized by damage type and then by alphabet. The damage type determines which armor class, immunity, resistance or vulnerability is counted against the attack. The first three damage types go directly against the three armor class types of the same name; all others go against AC_EXOTIC, which players see as AC MAGIC.

The special attacks from the last category, like DAM_COLD and DAM_FIRE, do not by themselves cause special effects if they hit; usually a weapon that causes special effects (e.g. one imbued with FROST BLADE) will also have an appropriate damage type (e.g. DAM_COLD), but it is worth noting that the special effect (e.g. CHILL TOUCH) comes from special weapon flags but not the damage type.

Damage codeDamage messageDamage typeExplanation

chompchompDAM_PIERCElike biting
peckpeckDAM_PIERCEbird biting
piercepierceDAM_PIERCEanimal's horn
scratchscratchDAM_PIERCEnails or claws
stabstabDAM_PIERCEanimal's horn or other sharp wpn
stingstingDAM_PIERCEfrom insect or scorpion
thrustthrustDAM_PIERCEhorn or other sharp wpn pushed at opponent

beatingbeatingDAM_BASHmanual attack
blastblastDAM_BASHexplosive weapon
chargechargeDAM_BASHsomething massive running at you
crushcrushDAM_BASHwrapping arms around and squeezing
peckbpeckDAM_BASHa heavier bird bite heavy enough to break bones
poundpoundDAM_BASHhitting with a blunt object
punchpunchDAM_BASHhitting with fists
slapslapDAM_BASHhitting with open palm
smashsmashDAM_BASHhitting hard with heavy body parts or weapon
thwackthwackDAM_BASHa sharp but not very heavy hit

chopchopDAM_SLASHa dismembering strike
clawclawDAM_SLASHhit with claws, tearing flesh
cleavecleaveDAM_SLASHhit with weapon, tearing flesh
grepgrepDAM_SLASHtearing out?
slashslashDAM_SLASHcutting deeply with claw or wpn
slicesliceDAM_SLASHcutting into strips with claw or wpn
whipwhipDAM_SLASHtearing hide (and flesh) with whip or tentacle

acbiteacidic biteDAM_ACID
divinedivine powerDAM_HOLY
drainlife drainDAM_NEGATIVE
flbiteflaming biteDAM_FIRE
frbitefreezing biteDAM_COLD
shbiteshocking biteDAM_LIGHTNING

nonehit(exotic)default damage type

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