Offensive Flag Table

Letter Name Explanation
A OFF_AREA_ATTACK In each round of a fight, mob gets one opportunity to hit EACH of its opponents. This powerful ability makes it much harder for groups to kill it.
B OFF_BACKSTAB Mob can backstab. Effective only with aggressive mobs because it's only done at the start of a fight.
C OFF_BASH Mob can bash.
D OFF_BERSERK Mob can berserk.
E OFF_DISARM Mob can disarm its opponent. Does not need to be holding a weapon to do so.
F OFF_DODGE Mob can dodge.
H OFF_FAST Mob is faster, gets additional attacks and is harder to hit/bash, etc.
I OFF_KICK Mob can kick.
J OFF_KICK_DIRT Mob can kick dirt. Remember that this is inneffective if mob is affected by AFF_FLYING!
K OFF_PARRY Mob can parry. Mobs not wielding weapons can only parry half as well.
N OFF_TRIP Mob can trip.
O OFF_CRUSH Mob can crush. An extra attack good for up to 3 times the mob's level in damage.
P ASSIST_ALL Assists any fighting mobile.
Q ASSIST_ALIGN Assists any attacker of the same alignment.
R ASSIST_RACE Assists mobs of the same race.
S ASSIST_PLAYERS Mob will assist fighting players against victims up to 5 levels above it.
U ASSIST_VNUM Mob will assist another mob of the same VNUM as itself (i.e. same type of mob). Most commonly used form of ASSIST.

The following flags were left out of the above table because they have no effect in DizzyMUD: OFF_FADE (G), OFF_RESCUE (L), OFF_TAIL (M), ASSIST_GUARD (T).

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