Room Flag Table
Code Name Meaning
A DARK Need a light or infravision to see in this room.
C NO_MOB Mobs cannot wander or FLEE to such a room. A room without exits automatically gets this flag. Mobs can be PUSHed into such room. Pets and CHARMed mobs can follow a player into one. Aggressive mobs in a fight can follow a fleeing player here. 
D INDOORS This flag prevents the occurrence and visibility of weather. Outdoor-only mobs can not wander in here. Even these mobs can, however, enter such a room by any of the other means cited in NO_MOB. 
E LOCKER This room give a player access to his locker for PUT, GET and LOOK. Every player has only one locker, thus multiple locker rooms do not make a difference. LOCKER rooms are those rooms in which the locker-related commands work, that's all. 
F FEMALE_ONLY  Prevents members of the 'wrong' sex (including NEUTRAL) from seeing this room, and thus from entering it, following into it, being pushed or otherwise coerced into entering. SUMMON checks the true sex of player victims when someone attempts to summon someone into a male/female only room. The visibility check uses a player's current sex. Immortals are not affected by this restriction. The quest master does not select these rooms for quests. 
J PRIVATE Room cannot be entered if there are two (or more) characters, including mobs, inside. This flag also protects the room and its inhabitants from a large number of commands which access the room from the outside, including WHERE, VISION and GOTO. 
K SAFE Room prevents a large number of hostile actions, including KILL, STEAL, PUSH, DRAG, SHOOT (paintball), offensive and transportation spells. The questmaster does not select safe rooms for quests. Aggressive mobs do not attack in safe rooms unless they are at or above LEVEL_IMMORTAL (92). 
L SOLITARY Like PRIVATE, but one character in the room is enough to make it inaccessible. 
M PET_SHOP Room is a pet shop. Other shops are shops only because there is a mob in them that has been made a shopkeeper in the #SHOPS section; if someone were to move the mob, the shop would move with it. Pet shops, on the other hand, are independent of shopkeeper mobs and would in fact work without one. For the sake of realism, though, you must always code a mob to appear to be selling pets in a pet shop. 
The next room vnum after the pet shop's room always serves as the storeroom for the pet shop. Thus, any pets you want to sell in the pet shop must be reset into the next room after the pet shop. 
The storeroom should not be accessible to mortals. There is no need or use for an exit or a door there (except perhaps realism), and if there is one it should have no key and be pick and pass proof. NORECALL will help keep players from GATEing in. The storeroom must not be dark! Not only are the poor critters afraid of the dark. More importantly, they will not be visible to a buyer and thus cannot be bought if the room is dark. 
Mobs reset in the store room (the next room after the pet shop) are automatically flagged as pets. They will appear in a LIST performed in the pet shop. 
N NO_RECALL Prevents RECALLing. This includes RECALL, CLANRECALL, WORD OF RECALL, autorecall when disconnected in a fight, and being recalled by a paintball hit. Prevents transportation spells to or from the room. Prevents QUEST JOIN. 
O IMP_ONLY Like PRIVATE and SOLITARY, but even less accessible. Only Implementors have the command necessary to get into such a room. Generally doesn't make much sense. 
P GODS_ONLY Makes the room invisible (and thus inaccessible) to all players (and mobs) below LEVEL_IMMORTAL (92). 
Q HEROES_ONLY Makes the room invisible (and thus inaccessible) to all players (and mobs) having TRUST below LEVEL_HERO (91).
Remorted characters retain their level 91 trust, and thus can continue accessing such rooms after remorting. 
R NEWBIES_ONLY Makes the room invisible (and thus inaccessible) to all players (and mobs) above level 5
S LAW Prevents aggressive mobs from following into the room or being DRAGged into it. Does not prevent pushing an aggressive mob into the room. Prevents CHARMing and SINGging, summoning of undead creatures in the room. Prevents random portalling/teleportation into the room. 
T NOWHERE Prevents WHERE and LOCATE LIFE spells from finding any character in the room. 
U BANK Marks rooms in which the banking commands (DEPOSIT, WITHDRAW, BALANCE) work. A player's bank account is actually carried around in his player file, so the location of the bank really makes no difference. All banks access the same money. 
V LEADER_ONLY Makes the room visible (and thus accessible) only to players who have a (clan) LEADER flag. 
W TELEPORT Makes the room a teleport room. Every few pulses, the room will teleport any characters within it to either a fixed or a random destination as controlled by the value in the teleport field in the room description.
The teleport mechanism forces the player to "LOOK TELE" before he is transported. Thus, you need to code an extended description for the room with an extended keyword of "tele" and a message describing the process of teleportation which the player experiences. A nice example is found at the "Center of the Universe", vnum 1222. If you don't code this extdesc, the player will get a "you don't see that here" message when teleported. 
X UNDER_WATER Room location is deep enough under water that players not skilled at DROWNING suffer the risk of drowning. Players with less than 100% lose a fraction of their hit points depending on their skill level at every tick.
Players are alerted when leaving and entering an underwater room 'on foot'. You should make the sector type indicate an aquatic environment for such rooms. 
Y NOPORTAL Portals (including the portable type) cannot be entered while in this room.
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