Mob Stats

While Dizzy's mobs do not have explicit STAT or CLASS fields to code, several factors indirectly influence their stats. It is possible to give any mob one or more of the 4 traditional classes of CLERIC, MAGE, THIEF and WARRIOR using the ACT_CLERIC, etc. flags. These flags affect a mob's stats when that mob is generated.

The basic stats (Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Chr) for a mob are all computed as:

11 + (level / 4)
but no more than 25.
Example: A level 56 mob's stats are all 11 + (56 / 4) = 11 + 14 = 25.
Because of the second rule, above the cut-off point of level 56, all mobs have basic stats of all '25's.

However, these stats are further modified by the mob's ACT_class, AFF_FAST and OFF_HASTE flags, if any, and the mob's size according to the table below. If it has several of these flags, just add up the effects.

Affected stats
ACT_MAGE-1+3 +1  
ACT_THIEF +1-1+3  
ACT_WARRIOR+3-1  +2-1
level 1-17+1
level 18-24+2
level 25-31+3
level 32-+4

Note that the first 4 flags are ACT flags, OFF_FAST is an offensive flag and AFF_HASTE is an affect flag. These different flag types are coded in different flag fields and don't have much of anything to do with one another other than that they all affects stats somehow.

Example: A level 60 mob with the ACT_THIEF flag has stats of 25, 26, 24, 28, 25, 25.

If you go wild, you can build a mob with dex 35 *boggle*.

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  This page was last updated May 15, 2001