Wear Flag Table
ATAKECan be picked up. Must be coded on everything but stationary objects.
BWEAR_FINGERCan be worn on finger.
CWEAR_NECKCan be worn on neck.
DWEAR_BODYCan be worn on body.
EWEAR_HEADCan be worn on head.
FWEAR_LEGSCan be worn on legs.
GWEAR_FEETCan be worn on feet.
HWEAR_HANDSCan be worn on hands.
IWEAR_ARMSCan be worn on arms.
JWEAR_SHIELDCan be worn as shield.
KWEAR_ABOUTCan be worn about body.
LWEAR_WAISTCan be worn around waist.
MWEAR_WRISTCan be worn on wrist.
NWIELDCan be wielded (weapon).
OHOLDCan be held. For HOLD items, but also essential for items that must be held to be used, such as wands, staves, materials and paintball guns.
PNO_SACCan not be sacrificed.
QWEAR_FLOATCan be used floating nearby.

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