The Daily Dizzymud Gazette

Friday, 28 May 2004


Akuria has attained level 63 to 64!
Arthas has attained level 44 to 51!
Belphoebe has attained level 81 to 85!
Gabriel has attained level 70 to 74!
HoNeYgUrL has attained level 9 to 16!
Makena has attained level 47 to 53!
Malani has attained level 14 to 15!
Mob has attained level 30 to 54!
Newbie has attained level 8!
Onyx has attained level 77 to 78!
Orphum has attained level 57!
PhoenixRain has attained level 50!
Riddick has attained level 78 to 86!
Roonwit has attained level 82 to 86!
Sarcasm has attained level 82!
Uchin has attained level 9 to 10!

Player kills

Gabriel has been killed by Azrael.

Player kills by mobiles

Akuria has been killed by Filfaere.
Gabriel has been killed by rolling stone.
Malani has been killed by A beautiful rose.
Mystolis has been killed by Grim The Balor.
Mystolis has been killed by Jhaniss.
Newbie has been killed by a pitbull.
Newbie has been killed by The mutant beastly fido.


Aleatha bought Letter E, worth 1 from Makena for 100 gold.
Beowulf bought Your ring?' Said the Piggy, 'I will.' from Loki for 50 gold.
Dolphpun bought A Chocolate covered cherry from Riddick for 6000 gold.
Gabriel bought Letter O, worth 1 from Azrael for 1 gold.
Makena bought disgusting pinkish plasma webbing from Newbie for 1 gold.
Mystolis bought Tiger Claws from Roonwit for 10 gold.
Mystolis bought Blade Of A Demon from Roonwit for 10 gold.
Mystolis bought Strong Sense Of Confidence. from Roonwit for 10 gold.
Mystolis bought Ring Of Purification from Lissa for 100 gold.
Onyx bought a deep dark chasm from Lissa for 1000 gold.
Onyx bought With a ring at the end of his nose. from Lissa for 8000 gold.
Onyx bought Letter I, worth 1 from Sarcasm for 25 gold.


Makena has been fodded

Best of the day:

Best Leveler todayMob with 25 levels!
Most fodded player todayMakena with 1 fods!
Best PK-er todayAzrael with 1 kills!
Most PK-ed player todayGabriel with 1 deaths!
Most mob-killed player todayNewbie with 2 deaths!
Most killed player todayGabriel with 2 deaths!
Most victorious mobile todayGrim The Balor with 1 kills!
Most spent on auctions todayOnyx with 9025 gold.!
Most profit with auctions todayLissa with 9100 gold.!

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