The Daily Dizzymud Gazette

Friday, 30 September 2005


Akuria has attained level 7 to 12!
Raska has attained level 23 to 40!
Uchin has attained level 46!

Player kills

Bear has been killed by Sturm.
Raska has been killed by Bear.
Sturm has been killed by BigSexy.

Player kills by mobiles

Akuria has been killed by Butterfly Weed.
Bear has been killed by Super Helga.


Raska bought a Jaffiss restring token from Jaffiss for 2641 gold.


Jaffiss has been fodded
Jaffiss has been fodded

Best of the day:

Best Leveler todayRaska with 18 levels!
Most fodded player todayJaffiss with 2 fods!
Best PK-er todayBigSexy with 1 kills!
Most PK-ed player todaySturm with 1 deaths!
Most mob-killed player todayAkuria with 1 deaths!
Most killed player todayBear with 2 deaths!
Most victorious mobile todaySuper Helga with 1 kills!
Most spent on auctions todayRaska with 2641 gold.!
Most profit with auctions todayJaffiss with 2641 gold.!

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