The Daily Dizzymud Gazette

Friday, 17 February 2006


Bear has attained level 54!
Laurana has attained level 86!
Qas has attained level 81 to 82!
Vos has attained level 24 to 27!

Player kills

Orphum has been killed by Quark.
Quark has been killed by Orphum.

Player kills by mobiles

Kagon has been killed by a ferret.
Qas has been killed by rolling stone.


Quark bought Talon of the Beast from Disman for 1 gold.

Best of the day:

Best Leveler todayVos with 4 levels!
Best PK-er todayOrphum with 1 kills!
Most PK-ed player todayQuark with 1 deaths!
Most mob-killed player todayKagon with 1 deaths!
Most killed player todayOrphum with 1 deaths!
Most victorious mobile todayxGrolling stone with 1 kills!
Most spent on auctions todayQuark with 1 gold.!
Most profit with auctions todayDisman with 1 gold.!

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