The Daily Dizzymud Gazette

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Celistal has attained level 89!
Cindy has attained level 9 to 28!
Ranma has attained level 36 to 40!
Shasta has attained level 39 to 44!

Player kills by mobiles

Ranma has been killed by house.


Isa bought A jagged long sword from Shasta for 2 gold.

Best of the day:

Best Leveler todayCindy with 20 levels!
Most mob-killed player todayRanma with 1 deaths!
Most killed player todayRanma with 1 deaths!
Most victorious mobile todayxHhouse with 1 kills!
Most spent on auctions todayIsa with 2 gold.!
Most profit with auctions todayShasta with 2 gold.!

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