The Daily Dizzymud Gazette

Friday, 26 November 2021


Healzu has attained level 77 to 84!
Rayne has attained level 26 to 27!
Thrakun has attained level 48 to 62!

Player kills

Claxem has been killed by Drogo.


Drogo bought Rune Of Ice Bolt from PhoenixRain for 1950 gold.

Best of the day:

Best Leveler todayThrakun with 15 levels!
Best PK-er todayDrogo with 1 kills!
Most PK-ed player todayClaxem with 1 deaths!
Most killed player todayClaxem with 1 deaths!
Most spent on auctions todayDrogo with 1950 gold.!
Most profit with auctions todayPhoenixRain with 1950 gold.!

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