The Daily Dizzymud Gazette

Monday, 16 January 2023


Celistal has attained level 62!
Glassware has attained level 75 to 76!
Luc has attained level 87 to 91!
PhoenixRain has attained level 91!
Soran has attained level 54 to 62!
Splat has attained level 22 to 24!

Player kills by mobiles

Splat has been killed by Super Helga.


PhoenixRain bought a cookie from Johan for 1 gold.

Best of the day:

Best Leveler todaySoran with 9 levels!
Most mob-killed player todaySplat with 1 deaths!
Most killed player todaySplat with 1 deaths!
Most victorious mobile todaySuper Helga with 1 kills!
Most spent on auctions todayPhoenixRain with 1 gold.!
Most profit with auctions todayJohan with 1 gold.!

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