These are the rules of DizzyMUD.  For other matters use common sense.

***Immortals and Imps have final say over the punishment.***
***Just because a certain punishment is listed here does ***
*** NOT mean that is the punishment you will get! It is  ***
***   At the hands of the Immortal/Imp punishing you.    ***

* Limited player stealing or player killing.  Only PK within 8 levels of
  your character and only with other clan members.  Players caught PKing
  non-clan members will be severely punished.

* Your presence here is a privilege not a right. Obey any orders from gods, and
  you will be fine.  Deletion does not require a reason, appeals are to be sent
  to the Implementor.

* No helping your own characters with other characters you own -- by any
  arrangement, nor may you have two characters on at the same time.  This
  includes gathering equipment with one character for another one of your
  characters, quitting, then coming back in to retrieve the equipment.
  Demotion or deletion is appropriate punishment.

* No kill stealing. If a player is fighting a mob, you do not jump in the
  fight unless you are grouped with the player.

* Cheating will not be tolerated.  This includes accepting favors from gods
  and exploiting bugs. If you find a bug, report it, then do not use it.

* Power leveling other characters or one of your own will not be tolerated
  This means bringing mobs to the brink of death for other players, or
  establishing a pattern of following a weaker player about, healing them or
  spelling them up. If you are caught performing this act of cowardice, your
  character will be demoted, or to the extreme deleted.

* Vulgar language will not be tolerated and appropriate punishment will be
  swiftly enforced. (See help 'Language Filth Swearing')

* Spamming of any public channel is strictly forbidden. A warning will be
  given by an Immortal to stop.  If you do not cease an Immortal may,
  without hesitation, nochannel you, freeze you, confine you to a norecall
  room, or even fry you if the spamming is to the extreme of excessiveness.
  So take heed to the warning, otherwise you will suffer the consequences
  of your stupidity.

You will not advertise (notice the word advertise, we will not wait for
you to give an addy) Other Muds here on any public channel, or in public
notes or clan notes, The only Muds allowed advertised on DizzyMud are
those allowed by the Imps of Dizzy because perhaps we are working with
them for some reason.. or places such as which
enables many players to log onto Dizzy and advertises DizzyMud as well.
You can be fried for advertising other muds on DizzyMud

* Imm or Imps will NOT change names of characters do NOT ask.

* There are other rules not mentioned here. If any god intervenes because you ar
  breaking a rule unknowingly please obey his/her decision and post a note to th
  Immortals if you don't understand.

* Changes to these rules are at the discretion of the Implementor, and may be
  done without warning, notice, or even evidence of sanity.

* The Imms will not be held responsible for their typos.

* Also read 'help bots' 'help censor'
  *Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse*

1. No advertising other muds in any way shape or form on dizzy
   this includes flame channel.  Advertising is bad for your
   pfiles health. Do not be surprised if you get Fried for

2. Obvious cuss words, usually in the censor list though there is
   no way to get 100% down, imms will let you know, will not be allowed
   on any public channel save hormons, the war channel, clan and flame.

3. No disguising cuss words.  *censored* is allowed  S*it is not.

4. Words like piss, penis, balls, ect, are NOT censored, unless directed
   at a human-player.  Personal insults of any type go on flame.

5. Jokes that are in bad taste go to spam, if it is overtly racist or
   sexist do not post it, if it is relativly harmless, and not overly
   sexual in nature, notes is fine.

6. Immortals reserve the right to use comon sense in deciding if the
   context is right or wrong. Immortal's decesion to fod, or add more
   punishment is final. Arguing with an imm after being told to stop
   is not smart, and will get you punished farther, even possibly


You are always free to toggle off the flame and hormone channels.
You also have a command called Ignore for the bad problems.
Typing: "Censor Spam" Will cut down on spam in notes.