Directions to Areas Page 2

Mahn-Tor: 2s,6e,4s,2e,s,2e,d,3n,e,4s,w,s,e,3s,d,9s,2u
Miden'nir: 2s,6e,n
Mob Factory: 3s, 3w, s, e
Moss Flower: recall, south, down, open south, 2south, 2up
Mud School:u, n
Nataris Castle: recall, 2s,6e,4s,2e,s,2e,d,s,2up,n
New Thalos: recall, 2s,16e
Nirvana: 2s,8e,2n,e,n,s,u
Ofcol: 2s,3e,4n,2w,7n,4e,1n,1e,1n
Old Thalos: recall, 2s,6e,4s,4w
Olympus: recall, 3n all west 2n 2e all n all up n
Pirate Cave: recall, 3s 3w 6s 2e 4s 2e d
Pirate cave prison: Pirate cave ent hole, 2e, ent hole 4s 2e 2s e d
Portals: recall, 3s 3w 6s 2e 2s 3e 4s w 4s w u 2s
Redferne's Residence: recall, 6s w 4s e 4u
Ripper's Cavern: recall, 3s 3w 6s 2e 2s 3e 4s w 4s w u 2s sandy room portal, 2s, ent nexus, kill energy garr, enter his soul
Ruins of Oran: recall, 3n 3e 2n 2w 3n 2e 5n 4e 4s 3e d s d
Sewer: 4s,d
Shire: 2s 5w 4n
Shoikan Grove: recall, 1n,1e,enter portal,1w
Smurf Village: 2s, 7e, n
Solace: recall, 2s 5w s d w
Strange World: recall, 2s 12w 2n e d
Troll Den: 3s,2e,2s,6w,1n,1e 1s
UnderDark(UD): recall, 4s d w d n 8d
Valley of the Elves: 3n, 3e, 2n, 2w, 7n, 1w, 1n
Vortex: recall,2n,3e,2n,2w,all n,2 up,all north,up,open up,north, enter vortex,n,w,n,n,e,e,n
Weapon Factory: recall, 3s 3w 6s 2e 7s 3w
Wyvern's Tower: 2s,6e,4s,2e,1s,2e,1d,7e

MONEYCHANGER 3 n, 2 west south
MIDGAARD BANK & LOCKER recall, s, e, u
REPAIR -Griswald-FORGE 3n, 2e, n
Bars of material for forging(mithril)-n,e,enter portal,n,3e,open north,n,u,3w,4s,4e,4n,u, 4w,s,open west,w,get bars
The Altar of Necromancy tp retrieve corpse recall, north, down, down, get all corpse

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