Dizzy MUD Area Builder's Guide

If you are planning to build or upgrade an area for Dizzy MUD, this document will help you. It includes a design method based on the advice of experienced area builders and complete and up-to-date information on the mechanics of coding as applicable to Dizzy MUD. 
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To the Faint of Heart

Building a good area is a lot of hard work requiring a cool idea, vivid imagination, much knowledge and many, many hours of painstaking attention to every detail. Only if your main motivation is to make Dizzy MUD even more fun and challenging to its players by adding a high-quality area or by improving one that's already there, and only if you are willing to do the best job possible no matter how hard it is or how long it takes, please read on and more power to you!


Although this document contains all the knowledge an experienced player requires to code an area and makes every attempt to make this knowledge clear, there can be no guarantee that a fantastic area will result from its use.

While the general principles of design hold for area coding in almost any MUD, the specific coding information applies to Dizzy MUD. Apply it to a different MUD at your own risk. If you use an outdated version of this document to code for Dizzy, it is possible that not all information will fit even there.

Opinions voiced in this Guide, especially negative remarks concerning mediocre areas, are those of Elrac and Sharra, two Immortals active on DizzyMUD. They are not necessarily representative of Immortals on DizzyMUD in general or DizzyMUD's Creator, Implementor or Administration in particular. The 'I' person in this document is Elrac.

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I've recently added a Quick Reference for the hotshots who need the tables but have already absorbed the wisdom in the surrounding text. This document contains the tables and very little else in 10 concise and handy pages especially suited for printing out and binding into a booklet.
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