Mud Clients to choose from

There are many clients out there in which you can use to log onto Muds.. I prefer Portal myself.. I use the trial version which never really runs out, the only drawback is you cannot have more than one open.. but one day I am going to break down and buy it, since it is ONLY $25.

Most people of course use Zmud or Gmud.. Both are good but Gmud is totally free! I am not sure how much Zmud costs..

Now.. Genius Mud.. it is not a bad client at all.. and shows itself to be very promising! I have and still do sometimes use it... it is a small client.. and when I need a quick window up for just checking notes.. or a second window with I am using Portal.. Genius works.. and works very very well in my opinion.. best part of it is that it is small enough to be kept on a floppy and used off that floppy! So it is portable!

First, the DizzyMud telnet that goes straight to dizzy if you click this link:

Dizzymud Java Telnet

Putty Telnet
TinTin Unix style Mud Client

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