Welcome to Dizzymuds home page..

This page is done with very little graphics, as I felt that the information was more important than fancy graphics.. I hope you all enjoy the page and please.. feel free to email me if you have questions that this page did not answer.. also.. if you feel there is something that should be added that is not added, please let me know.

To the left of the page you will see the links to the pages within this page.. if you need a client to connect to DizzyMud.. or any mud for than matter, please check at the bottom of the links and you will see three links to clients.. Genius and Gmud are free, Zmud is a trial client, but many people use it and love it.. I myself am partial to Portal!

There is a link to the help files in Dizzy, often times it is easier to use the webpage help files as you will not be spammed here.. So feel free to use it anytime you need to..

Johan is the owner of Dizzymud and is often open to communication from other people, just keep in mind that he also has a full time job in real life that keeps him busy.

This web page is not complete and never will be as long as Dizzy is alive because changes are always happening, even if they are little ones.. So check back often!

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The origional aurthor(s) can only give permission for their origional work, not for the modified versions done for dizzymud. Thank you.