Directions to Areas

MONEYCHANGER 3 n, 2 west south
MIDGAARD BANK & LOCKER recall, s, e, u
REPAIR -Griswald-FORGE 3n, 2e, n
Bars of material for forging(mithril)-n,e,enter portal,n,3e,open north,n,u,3w,4s,4e,4n,u, 4w,s,open west,w,get bars
The Altar of Necromancy to retrieve corpse recall, north, down, down, get all corpse

Dizzymud Maps

more complete list of maps
Dolphpun asked me to add a 'note' to the maps:
I can claim UD, Solace, HolyCity and New Thalos as mine.
The rest in that batch are from the original dizzy site. Way back when it was on AOL.

ACME Weapon Factory: 2s, 3w, 8s, 2e, 7s, 3w, open north, n
Arachnos: 2s, 13w,s ,2w ,n ,w ,u, w
Arctic Woods: recall, 3s 3w 6s 2e 2s 3e u
Astral Plain: recall, s 3u n 6u
BudoSchool: gate to 2.monkey
Camelot: recall 2s,14w,n,e,2n,e,d,e,u,2e,open east,e
Chapel Catacombs:3s, 4e, 4s, w, 5s
Chessboard: recall, 2s 21e 6n 6e 2s d
OR: recall, u, e, enter portal, d, 6n, 6e, s, d
Crazy House: recall, 2s 10e 3n, ent house
Crazy house hidden corrider: ent house, e 2u e, ent hole, all d
Crazy house wizard: ent house, e 2 up, open e, ent hole
Crazy house celler: ent house, e, ent bar
Dangerous Neighborhood/Gangland: 8s,e,s,2e,s,e
Darkness Within: n, d, n
Deadly Treasure: (from Incelis Tower entrance) w n w n 2w
OR: recall, 2s 2w s u (wait for trans) w n w n 2w
Divided Souls: 8s,w,s,2w,2s,e,4u,s
Doom: recall, 3s e 2n (Our Hero, from entrance: 5e 4s)
Dragon Caves: u,e,enter port,d,6n,open north,5n
Drakyri Isle: 2s,7w,2s,e,s,e,4s,enter pool (or gate to allah)
Drow City: 2s, 6e, 4s, 2e, s, 2e, s, d, open w, d, opendown 2d, w
Effrafa Attacks: 3n,3e,2n,2w,4n,2e,n
Dwarven Day Care/Daycare: 2s,6e,3n,2e,s
Elemental Canyon: 2s, 6e, 4s, 2e, s, 2e, d, s, 4u, n, d, n
Fair: recall, 8s 2w
Fourth Tower: 2s, 21e, 9n, e
Gilligan's Island: 2s,3e,4n,2w,8n,1e
Glitchegummee Swamp: 2s,8e,s,w
Gnome Village: 2s, 8e, s
Gothic: From crazy wizard in crazy house, 3 west, ent computer
Great Pyramid: 3s, 2e, s, 3e, n
H&V Museum: recall, 3n 2w n
Hell: recall, u, op west, w, ent bed
Hidden Keep: recall, 2s,6e,4s,2e,1s,2e,1d,5e, open north,n
Holy City: recall, 3s 3w 6s 2e 8s
Incelis Tower: recall, 2s 2w s u (wait for trans)
Insane: recall, 3n w n
Knee Deep in the Dead: 2s,5w,s,d,n
Krylendor: n,d,e,s
Legion: recall, 3s 3w 6s 2e 2s 3e s
Looney Toons: From meeting place (Lister) in PC, 9 east, 4south.

Looney Tunes: 2s,3w,8s,2e,2s,2e,2s,d,e,enter hole,e,enter hole,4s,9e,4s
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