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Here you will find an extensive list of areas to level on DizzyMUD, they are in alphabetical order for easier finding...

OK I have gotten a few requests for updates on directions, and even MORE directions.

The answer to these requests are NO!

I never meant this page to be a replacement for exploring the mud and learning on your own, or asking your fellow players for directions and such, yet that is what has happened, no one is exploring anymore, except for the map makers, and asking fellow mudders is not as common either.

So please do not email or note me on additional directions, as it is not going to happen, this is as extensive as it is going to get.

If however you find any of the directions incomplete, please email me and let me know along with the CORRECT directions, and I will fix it as soon as I can.

The mud is an interaction game... and so.. please.. no more requests for help on this page.. Thanks..


Click here for directions to areas